Martes 12 Octubre

Warm Up
LINE DRILLS (20-25’ for each drill, light jog back to starting position)
Walking Knee Hug
Walking Quad Stretch
Butt Kickers
High Knees
Power Skip
Immediately Into
20 Plate Pull-Aparts
20 Plate Upright Rows
20 Plate Bent Over Rows


Movements of the Workout

Partner Workout In Teams Of 2
1 Mile Partner Plate Run
Immediately Into
100 Strict Pull-Ups
150 Hand Release Push-Ups
200 Plate Step-Ups
Immediately Into
1 Mile Partner Plate Run
*Partition Pull-Ups and Push-Ups and Step-Ups in any way or order to complete the work. Hold the plate any
way above the waist for Step-Ups.
*Partner 1 Works while P2 Holds the Plate any way above the waist at all times. If the plate touches the
ground or is rested anywhere at or below the waist, both partners perform 10 Burpees before resuming. During
Step-Ups, plate is being held by the working Partner



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