Sabado 29 Febrero

Warm Up

Junkyard Dog  Warm Up In Team Of 2


Partner Workout In Teams Of 2

3 Rounds For Time*

1000m Row

80 Wall Balls

60 Burpees
*P1 works while P2 rests. Athletes must switch on the rower every 250m meters. Workout must be completed in order. Athletes can split the reps of the WB or Burpee any way b/t partners.

End Of The Workout

Partner Finisher In Team Of 2

3 Sets For Max Reps*

:45 Russian Twist -:15 Transition / Rest

:45 Plank Hold :15 Transition / Rest
P1 performs Russian Twists while P2 holds Plank. Once :45 expires then transition and switch roles.


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