Viernes 31 Enero

Warm Up

Team Warm Up

1k Row In teams of 2, alternate every 250m.

While Partner 1 rows, Partner 2 is performing flow stretching (5 Reps of Bootstrapper Squat & 5 Reps of Push-up to Down-Dog)

With the Same Partner: Amrap x 5 Minutes 5 Burpees in-sync -10 Sit-ups in sync- 15 Air Squat + Jumping Jack in-sync*
*1 Rep = 1 Air Squat + 1 Jumping Jack for 15 total.


Movements of the Workout


I. Run 1 Mile then in Remaining Time Max Meters on Rower
(Score is Meters. Also Note Mile Time)

-Rest as Needed*

II. Amrap x 12 Minutes

6 Strict Pull-ups

12 Hand Release Push-ups

18 Sit-ups

*Rest at Least 5:00 b/t Efforts


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